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Current Projects:
  • South Florida Training Initiative
  • Green Corps Initiative
  • Miami Job Corps Center

In Development:
  • Veteran's Green Career Project
  • 55+ Workforce Initiative


In the midst of Florida's unemployment crisis job creation is vital. In March of this year, Florida's unemployment rate rose to 12.3% up from 9.6% at the same time last year. Miami Dade County fares even worse than the state's unemployment rate, with some communities experiencing 15% unemployment and others experiencing a rate as high as 20% as cited by the Urban Revitalization Task Force.

Our current training projects focus on our local community in South Florida. Through partnerships with local businesses, environmental organizations, academic institutions, veteran associations and labor unions, we are filling the void in local renewable energy training centers

The GCC South Florida Training Initiative

Our current training projects focus on our local community in South Florida. Through partnerships with local businesses, environmental organizations, academic institutions, veteran associations and labor unions, we are filling the void in local renewable energy training centers.

Our South Florida Initiative is working to:

Build South Florida's Green workforce: Prepare individuals in South Florida to have careers in the emerging Green Economy. Restore The Environment: Supply the trained workforce that can make South Florida less polluting, more energy efficient, and more environmentally sustainable. Support Green Business: Support the growth of green businesses in South Florida, with a focus on those businesses that provide high-quality green-collar jobs. Advance Florida's Green Economic Leadership: Promote South Florida's position as a leading model in green economic development Provide Work Opportunities For Military Veterans: create the "Veterans Green Career Project" that will develop a pilot program for veterans Green career training in South Florida

GCC Green Corps Initiative

Our youth training initiative provides employment opportunities for young people wanting to create a future as workers and entrepreneurs within the Green Economy.

Miami Job Corps Center

GCC is developing Miami Job Corps Center (MJCC) into a national model for energy conservation within the national community of Job Corps centers. The GCC project is enabling MJCC to become a national demonstration site for environmental stewardship and sustainability, which will be engendered by its students and staff. At the core of the MJCC project is the teaching of skills which will position MJCC students to become highly marketable within the emerging Green economy.

The GCC campus retrofitting project is based in education and staff and student participation. The MJCC campus will have energy saving and alternative energy demonstration zones throughout the campus. Community partnerships of businesses and organizations with Green missions will be primary resources for the MJCC Green Campus program.

A snapshot of the future MJCC environmentally sound and sustainable campus will include:

An array of solar panels to demonstrate the MJCC sustainable hot water program Florida friendly landscape and gardens featuring environmentally friendly plant materials A greenhouse in which the students will grow organic vegetables and fruit for the cafeteria and local food banks and will serve as the basis of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle curriculum. Low energy and insulated systems on all roofs and windows displaying energy efficiency. An environmentally retrofitted demonstration classroom to showcase the positive impact on learning within a sound energy system. Cisterns which capture excess rainwater and display efficient water retention systems. Recycling program which will demonstrate the value of re use of materials and waste reduction. Energy efficient lighting and thermostatically controlled HVAC systems throughout the campus. With the support and assistance of the Green Career Center team of energy experts and teachers, MJCC will fulfill the National Job Corps mission of reducing Job Corps centers' negative impact on the environment, educating students and staff about the importance of making green decisions and showing how individual contributions can make an impact.

Projects in Development

Veteran's Green Career Project

Within the landscape of employment opportunities that exist in the emerging Green Economy, GCC will establish the Veterans Green Career Project (VGCP) to provide job training for U.S. military service veterans. We are developing this project as a response to the spiking unemployment rate among returning veterans.

The VGCP job training will include renewable energy development, energy efficiency, sustainable building and agriculture, and ecosystem restoration. These jobs have the potential to create employment opportunities for veterans that pay well, cannot be outsourced, are meaningful and often lead to opportunities for self-employment. At GCC we believe that veterans, due to their high level of training received in the military, and their discipline and motivation, are ideally suited for pathways from military service into the green-collar economy. Not only is this strategy restorative to our planet, it is restorative for veterans, and it responds to a snowballing market demand for skilled environmental technology workers.

Of particular interest to GCC is the population of younger veterans. Among veterans age 20-24 the unemployment rate is about 15%, or roughly three times the overall unemployment rate in the U.S. economy. Since 2005 unemployment among this demographic has increased 4.6%. These statistics are worrisome since they raise the possibility that young veterans are having difficulty transitioning to civilian jobs following deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. We believe that through the VGCP program we will create meaningful and sustainable work for these young veterans.

Our aim in developing VGCP is to create a pilot project that will offer green education and training programs for U.S. military service veterans that will ultimately be replicable in other regions of the country.

55+ Workforce Initiative

The Green Economy will also provide employment opportunities for older workers. Jerome Ringo, President of the Apollo Alliance, an organization devoted to creating green jobs around the country, says that older workers will be primary candidates for retraining in the new green economy. Older workers have the advantage of offering valuable skills and strong work ethics to potential employers. At GCC, we want to support older workers in their quest to remain viable contributors to the workplace. Our Older Workforce Initiative (OWI) will provide training to seasoned electricians, general contractors and trades people to work as mentors and team leaders for economically disadvantaged youths entering the green collar workforce. Some workers will receive intensive solar energy training to design and install green energy systems and be placed with employers who have an urgent need for skilled supervisors and trainers.

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