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  • Provides short and long-term training programs targeted at entry level jobs for youth entering the workforce as well as veterans and older workers seeking retraining in the green job sector.

  • Develops and offers public education programs that increase public awareness of sustainable energy options.

  • Works with private industry, government and educational institutions to increase awareness of sustainable energy.

  • Coordinates conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops for business, government agencies, and consumers to increase awareness of alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Provides professional development workshops for middle and high school science teachers in curricula related to solar, wind, and hydrogen energy technologies.


The Green Career Center (GCC) provides innovative educational trainings which allow individuals to enter the new green economy, become financially self-sufficient and support a healthier environment. We have created GCC because of the lack of capacity of job training initiatives, which focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.


"There is a dawning of a new worldwide industry-clean energy industry which has experienced investment growth of 230% since 2005"
- "Who's winning the clean energy race: Growth, competition and opportunity in the world's largest economies" March 2010 Pew Charitable Trust report in The Green Economy

In this time of economic recession, renewable energy and energy-efficiency businesses represent an excellent opportunity to generate jobs and revenues. According to a recent study, the renewable energy industry has grown at over three times the rate of the American Economy as a whole. An obvious byproduct of this growth within the renewable energy industry is the potential for job development opportunities.

According to the American Solar Energy Society's recent "Green-collar jobs" report, renewable energymsectors represent 8.5 million jobs and nearly $1 trillion in annual revenue in the United States. With supportive policies, the report forecasts, the U.S. may generate 40 million green-collar jobs and $4.5 trillion in annual revenue by 2030. Within this transitioning economic environment, the Green Career Center has been established to bolster employment opportunities within the renewable energy industry.