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"There is a dawning of a new worldwide industry-clean energy industry which has experienced investment growth of 230% since 2005"


With our management team, partners, faculty and organizational capacity we are in an excellent position to play a very important and immediate role as a leading Green jobs provider in Miami Dade County. Our management team is composed of experts in the Sustainability, Education and Health fields, possessing extensive experience in creating and managing education programs.


John brings more than 35 years of committed experience and knowledge in the fields of green building, solar energy, sustainable community development, composting, water conservation, economic development, and systems theory.

For 10 years, John was the executive director of the Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development, and was one of the founders of Sarasota's Florida House project. Prior to this position, he founded and co-directed the precursor to the Florida House Institute, the Earth Metabolics Design Laboratory, which applied the principles of Buckminster Fuller's World Game to southwest Florida.

Dale Lewis - LEED Construction and Design

Dale brings a wide range of green building and building science skills to the Green Career Center. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and during that time he has earned credentialed certifications from the State of Florida, USGBC, FGBC, NAHB, ICC, and the IBHS.

Susan Luck, RN, MA, HNC, CCN - Wellness and community partnerships

As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Nurse, and Medical Anthropologist working in the field of integrative healthcare for over 20 years, she specializes in nutrition, environmental health, and immunology. Susan serves as Director of the Integrative Nursing Institute. Currently, she is a consultant to Special Immunology Services at Mercy Hospital, Miami Fl. and is adjunct faculty at the University of Miami. Susan lectures nationally on Environmental and Nutritional Influences on Women's and Children's Health.

Tom Valente - Project Management and Education

For more than 25 years, Tom has been at the forefront of new systems of education. He has successfully developed programs for corporations, universities and governments throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. From his role in the development of the Omega Institute to his former role as President of the Link Foundation and the Global Academy, he has distinguished himself as one of the premier developers and initiators of innovative educational programs.

*Leadership in energy and environmental design

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